iPad Rental For Events in Singapore

Need to rent iPads for your business, event, trade show, or conference? We provide the

– iPad Pro 12.9inch (latest model) 😎
– iPad Air 1 and 2 (latest model) 😎

– iPhone 7 (latest model, late 2016) πŸ˜Ž
– 13-inch Macbook Pro (latest model, late 2016) 😎
– 21.5‑inch iMac with Retina 4K display (latest model, late 2015) πŸ˜Ž
– iPad with Retina Display (older model)
– kiosks
– security cases
– accessories

– world class customer service πŸ‘
– and other devices (Routers, iPhones, Samsung Tablets and Phones, iPad Minis etc)

All rentals come with a SIM card with unlimited internet access, charger, cable, and we deliver to and collect from your event πŸššπŸššπŸšš for your convenience.

We provide a complete event management solution: Mobile Check-in and Badge PrintingπŸ“›, and Survey Solutions.


Benefits of Renting

iPad Stand / Kiosk mode

Turn your iPad into an interactive information center. Apple’s robust iOS architecture and intuitive Multi-Touch interface make the iPad tablet ideal for use in commercial and high-traffic locations.

Differentiate your event

Play videos, present PowerPoint and Keynote slideshows, display product brochures.

Check in attendees and print badges for delegates directly with our powerful suite of event tools.

Screencast easily for surveys, Q&A's, quizzes

Engage your audience with live Q&A. No microphone needed - questions are flashed live with the option for moderation if needed.

Project your iPad’s screen to your HD TV and onto a projector screen easily with our adaptors.

Save time and money

Enjoy unlimited internet connectivity with 3G and WIFI. No need to set up a wireless station.

Peace of mind and security

A security case with lock, key, and cable will protect your rental.

Convert traffic into online connections

Engage customers and visitors face to face and connect with them online at the same time.

Contact us for a quote

Please call us at 9756 1234 to find out more, or if you prefer, you can drop us an email at info@touristpads.com and specify:

  • Your rental period
  • Number of iPads required
  • Brief description of event
  • Your Particulars: Name, Company, Contact Number, Email Address
  • Any additional requirements
  • We will get back in touch with you quickly.

Alternatively, you may use the form on the right.

Rent the latest iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro in Singapore

Rent the latest iPad Air 2 and the iPad Pro in Singapore from TouristPads.

Rent the latest iPad Air 2 and the iPad Pro in Singapore from TouristPads.

Please indicate number of iPads and any other requirements. We have the following for rental: iPad Air, iPad Pro 12.9inch, iPad with Retina Display, iPhone 7, Xiaomi 5S Plus, Router, Samsung Tablet, Samsung Phone, Macbook Pro, iMac with Retina 4K display
Add ons
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Onsite-technical support staff will be provided