One of our customers recently wrote a review of our product. Interested to know what he thought? Here's his review!

Just want to let everyone know that I was blown away by the TouristPads start up in Singapore. A simple, straight forward and very smart way to be connected to the world from Singapore!  When I traveled to Singapore recently I needed an iPad for business needs whilst visiting an expo.  A friend of mine in Singapore suggested I check out TouristPads' website.  Wow, am I glad I did.  A non nonsense site that was a simple 3 step process and secured me an iPad to use whilst in Singapore.  The amazing part was that it included internet costs !!  Saves the hefty roaming charges.  When I arrived the TouristPads team met me at the accommodation, explained the many apps they have installed and the rest was simple. 

Very, very impressed with the service, price, and very simple order/reservation process on the website.  10/10 , Well done to Caleb and the team! When you are heading to Singapore, and want internet access whilst wandering around, to upload images to FB to skype call home, or to connect real time with the office... get a TouristPad.

In a word!, Brilliant.

Dale. S CEO Biotech Asia Pacific