Travelers visiting Singapore will get curious when they see "free" tissue packets, ez-link cards and even umbrellas found on seats in hawker centres, and the occasional in fast food chains. Are Singaporeans generous? We are not Santa Claus, but we certainly have a peculiar culture. Commonly known as "Chope", which means to reserve a seat in Singapore slang, ingenious Singaporeans would use some of these "tools" to occupy seats while they go and buy their food, which could possibly deny other patrons a seat. Do not be surprised if you get told off by a local if you are found occupying their "chope-d" seats! Well, today I am not here to talk about how to reserve a seat in hawker centres, but to introduce you a method on how to "chope" your place in some of the finest restaurants serving delicious food right here in Singapore.

And very aptly, we use the "Chope" app, which can be found on our TouristPads. Based on your location, you can search for recommendations nearby, or any new establishments which might surprise you. Hungry for a particular cuisine? This app allows you to key in the type of food you are craving for and within specific locations, so the nearest one might just be a stone's throw away.

So what are you waiting for? "Chope" our iPad rental service and you can start "chope-ing" seats the easy and right way!