gothere app

Even as a local living in Singapore for a quarter century, I must admit I still do not know how to get to many places in Singapore. I still remembered the days when technology wasn't that advanced and every time we wanted to go out, we would memorize which train/bus to take, where to alight and change transportation. Then, I held a little blue notebook around, jotting down important bus service numbers as well as major landmarks to help me find my way. I am glad to say, those days are over! These days, Singaporeans are so blessed with a smart device on hand and 3G on the go, they could simply find their way with just a few touches on their mobile screens. Moreover, they are many apps that are created just to give you directions to your desired destination.

I would like to share with you my favourite - the app. This app not only offers accurate details on how to get to places, it is also kind enough to offer the user many alternative routes with the approximate cost and time! This will allow the user to choose the best way, according to the time and money on hand.

Just arrived in Singapore and wondering what's the best way to get to Esplanade? To save the trouble, why not just pre-book our iPad rental service and we will hand deliver a TouristPad to you once you exit the custom gates. From there, you can gothere, the best way.