Kannan Mahalingam

Kannan Mahalingam

Another of our customers recently wrote a review of our service and product. Interested to know what he thought? Here’s his review!

Kannan Mahalingam is the co-founder/CEO of myZantium Inc. The company is the creators of Wonga Bazaar: A Fantasy Financial Lab. We are very happy to have another high profile person thinking so highly of us! All credit goes to the TouristPads team including Joshua and Abigail!

For the non-finance savvy, Wonga Bazaar is a great beginner game for you. As described on their website, "Wonga Bazaar is an authentic, interactive and entertaining market ecosystem, just like the real world. It is for anyone who wants to explore and discover their financial identity and temperament. It is a fantasy marketplace where one can trade without boundaries and fear.

Wonga Bazaar was premised on the fact that there are no existing fantasy market simulators where one can fail and learn about one’s own financial temperament. "

Download the app and try it today!