Nat out and about with the TouristPad.

Nat out and about with the TouristPad.

A couple, Giulio and Nat, recently visited Singapore and took advantage of our iPad rental product. They blogged about their trip to Singapore about a week ago (with some really great photography), and they just posted another post on their experience renting our iPad yesterday. Thanks Giulio and Nat!

They liked the ability to access the internet islandwide:

The other thing we liked about the TouristPad is the internet access. Many international visitors to Singapore travel with their own iPad but internet costs are very high if you are on an international roaming plan. The $24/day - dropping to $16/day from the third day onward - is a good price to pay for internet access 24/7 (negating having to pay for hotel internet). It helped that the internet connection was smooth and fast no matter where we ventured in the city.

They also appreciated having loads of local and travel apps (such as, pictured, photo used with permission) at their fingertips:

Using the TouristPad as a travel guide was far more interesting, reliable and better than any guide book that eventually becomes outdated (sorry Lonely Planet!). The convenience of having everything at our fingertips (pun intended) was highlighted best when we came across a landmark, or local area, and we were able to instantly Google it to gather more information.

We take feedback from our clients seriously, and we agree with Giulio and Nat's feedback about having a weather app. From now on, all customers will find a new weather app pre-loaded on their iPads. When you rent from us, feel free to indicate if you wish to have any other apps preloaded and we'll be pleased to help! :)