We recently talked to the people at Burpple about their app, and Dixon, co-founder at Burpple, shared with us Burpple's new feature: Burpple Explore. I've personally used Burpple on my own iPhone before, but didn't use it much as I preferred Instagram. However, with the launch of Burpple Explore and their Instagram integration, I just might start taking more food photos with Burpple!

For our iPad rental customers to Singapore, we believe that this app will be a great way for them to find out more about dining locations nearby. As our iPads all come with 3G internet, our rental customers will be able to access Burpple's top picks nearby (pictured below).

Burpple Explore

Burpple Explore

Burpple is a great app, with lots of international users, and an especially strong Singaporean user base. We believe that the addition of this app to our iPads will benefit Singapore tourists immensely. To rent an iPad, simply make your reservation online.

To find out more about Burpple, visit their website.