I could not help but felt nervous on the 9th Nov as I approached Ibis Hotel. Delivery to a client was very much routine to me, but this particular one was special. The process was going to be filmed by the national television of Vietnam, VTV. Mr Hung, Singapore Bureau Chief and Correspondent of VTV, caught us on The Straits Times on 5 Nov and wanted some stories to inspire Vietnamese people to be entrepreneurial. You can view the video below to check out the proceedings!

A newly-launched tourist service known as Touristpad has got much appreciation from foreign travellers in Singapore. With an ipad installed with a bunch of apps, foreign tourists can guide themselves to every corners of Singapore. VTV Correspondent in Singapore has the story.

This report was finally broadcasted on "Chào Buổi Sáng" on the 12th and 13th Dec. "Chào Buổi Sáng" means "Good morning" in Vietnam and it reminds me of "早安你好" here in Singapore. I understand from Mr Hung that it is one of most watched program in Vietnam, especially in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

Thank you Mr Hung and VTV for featuring us!