Technology has continued to evolve over the years and touches almost every aspect of our everyday lives. Thanks to the World Wide Web, information is easily available. But despite the way technology has influenced our personal lives, the Singapore business world has also revolutionized beyond what was expected in the past few decades. The advancement in Communication and information technology has entirely changed the pace and the face of businesses generally. As information now travels faster, the world now seems smaller and this has large implications on how we go about conducting business. If any business as of now has not embraced technology then it might suffer immense consequences and most of all lag behind.

Technology has not just modified how companies do business, but also how they plan and hold their events with the invention of the iPad. The use of this device has taken businesses a notch higher to a whole new level of doing business and has become one of the serious tools for conducting business. Analysts now say that the sale of tablets will overtake that of laptops and PC’s. Because this gadget is expensive and might not be affordable to some businesses, iPad rental services are accessible in Singapore and other parts of the globe. The iPad comes with different features and business applications that helps make business events a real success.

iPads feature a long battery life, compact design and lightweight style, sleek profile, touch screen, a built-in Wi-Fi connection, built in speakers, razor sharp display and an intuitive interface, in addition to a range of business applications. The iPad can be used in a business event in various ways. It can engage prospective customers, business employees and guests at an event through sales presentations, training of employees, and strategic planning of the event or demonstration of a new product the company is introducing. Companies can access their CRM system or even send out copious notes through the use of this gadget.

The device can also be used to market the company during such events. One can easily gather email addresses with an application called the ‘Chimpadeedoo’ and send out promotional information. Making presentations has been made easier through the use of the keynote application which is the equivalent of PowerPoint. You can easily create, open or edit a file in your iPad using this app and save it on email for future reference. Customer service can also be easily done using an iPad. This is because one can collect information about their customers and communicate with them anytime. There are simply numerous ways to integrate the iPad into your business, given the dozens of applications readily available. Why not rent an iPad for your next business event?

At the check-in table, a range of iPads can be used to showcase the business’s milestones worth noting. The PopBooth app can be used to allow for an interactive experience during the event with guests sharing photos through the social media platforms using the ‘party mode’ menu or even order for the traditional printed photos without having to lose them; the iPad is passed around amongst guests to enable this. The password protected UStream and Face Time can allow those not in attendances to follow the event from wherever they are across the globe through the internet. A social media lounge can also be set up through the iPad and guests allowed to leave video messages through the 'Thrilled for You' app designed for digital signage.

At TouristPads Singapore, we rent iPads for your business event, trade shows or even a conference. We provide the latest iPad air and iPad 4 with retina display, security cases, accessories, kiosks and world class customer service. All the rentals come with a SIM card with unlimited internet access, charger, cable and an Apple smart case. For convenience, we deliver to and collect from your event. The benefits of renting are a lot as you can save both time and money, screen cast easily, convert traffic into online connections and most of all differentiate your event.

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