Technology is continuously improving and evolving. It has really impacted how things are done including how students are now learning. The rapid and constant pace of change in technology has continued to create opportunities in classrooms for both teachers and students. The iPad became so popular in Singapore schools soon after it was released.

The students can now have a great access to multimedia content unlike in the past. Courses are now more available as one can join an e-learning platform. The iPad has become a favourite due to its inbuilt apps and features. Most schools have incorporated it in their courses to help the students thrive in the 21st century. Although these gadgets are expensive, many companies rent iPads to schools and businesses in need of them.

The iPad comes with a document camera with the stage interactive whiteboard that helps the student record what the teacher says in a simple manner. If you have to review any academic topic that you aim to give to your students, you can easily use the Quizlet app which is a free application. It allows the teacher to create flashcards for his students. An optional teacher account is also available with this application. The teacher can also use visuals on his projected iPad. The visuals can be used for presentation purposes.

iPads also come with interactive textbooks which the students can easily access. The teachers who have a difficult time choosing people to get the projects done, can use apps on the iPad which make the work easier by choosing names randomly and ensuring a balance. The iPad may also be used by students with disabilities as it has features that they can easily use. Some schools allow the students to carry the iPads home with no restrictions.

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