Technology has taken the world by storm and changed the manner in which we do things and interact with family and friends. Businesses in Singapore have not been left behind either with the mobile technology driving it in terms of growth and business processes. The iPad has changed a lot in businesses; not just how they conduct and hold events, but also conferences and meetings. 

The business world has adopted the use of iPads to run various business functions. As a result of the high cost of this mobile device, many companies have sprung up to provide iPad rental services for ease of access to this platform. The iPad comes with various features that allow businesses to easily hold meetings and conferences. 

With the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Singapore that is dedicated to providing business with access to modern state-of-the-art facilities for events, conferences and meetings, companies have no reason not to take advantage of the many features and benefits that come with renting iPads for such events such as improved engagement and interactivity between the companies, customers and guests.

During meetings, delegates can interact through social media platforms on the iPad like Facebook or the Facetime app. Company videos, maps to locations of meeting rooms and venues can all be accessed by the delegates through the Podium Timer HD or Dropbox and Maps applications, respectively. The guests or delegates can also remotely attend meetings through the iPad as avatars. 

Businesses can receive real time feedback from attending delegates using iPad apps such as the browser-based Pegionhole, genie-Connect and Crystal interactive that use Q&A to get feedback, in addition to allowing for voting and brainstorming sessions during meetings. The Crystal interactive app also has a digital assistant feature that enables businesses to provide the meeting agenda and even access the profiles of attending delegates, not to mention the spaces they occupy in the meeting sessions. 

Gamification of conferences through the iPad puzzles and games do not just allow for fun times during conferences or meetings, but also enable the delegates to learn more about the hosting company or business. The Evernote app and iPad camera allow for capturing of notes during meetings or conferences for future reference. 

The keynote app allows for presentations while with the Soundnote app, delegates can record talks during meetings into an audio file. Skype, Tweetbot and Mind Mapping apps, among others, are a favorite for many businesses and delegates. Irrespective of the kind of meeting or conference and its agenda, businesses that rent iPads are guaranteed improved mobility, increased productivity, effective and prompt communication and reduced costs as well as time spent during the conferences and meetings.

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