This app is free as well. The apps here are so good, you'll think they are custom made for your business.

This app is free as well. The apps here are so good, you'll think they are custom made for your business.

The iPad supports various business functions and processes through the many applications it supports. There are several applications, free and for sale, in the market that can be downloaded and installed on the iPad for use during business events such as meetings and conferences. There are many free iPad apps on the internet and app stores that businesses can easily download for use in an event.

The Chimpadeedoo app is developed by the Rocket Science Group LLC. It can be downloaded free of charge from the iTunes store or any other app store. The app allows for easy collection of email addresses from potential customers, after which they are exported to MailChimp. The app is 3.3MB in size and available in the English language. Furthermore, it is only designed for use with the iPad. Businesses can use the Chimpadeedoo app during business events to collect emails from the attendees.

For business presentation purposes, the SlideShark app is available for download free of charge. Developed by Brainshark Inc., SlideShark app allows for PowerPoint presentations to be accessed through iPads during business events. It is a powerful platform for sales that has been proven to provide businesses with an on-point solution for their sales or presentation problems. The app enables the iPad to be connected to a TV or projector for presentation purposes. PowerPoint files can be uploaded from any device and converted through this app on the iPad.

The SlideShark app is secure and only requires a single sign on. It is 21.6MB in size and only compatible with iOS 4.3 or later versions. It is the perfect solution for your next business presentation.

The iBook is another great iPad app for use in your next business event. It allows users to read from their best sellers despite their location. It can be downloaded from the device’s app store free of charge. The iBook features more than two million books with the majority available to users free of charge. It has a bookshelf feature where downloaded books are stored. On the iBook store, users can read book reviews, read a book sample, check out the lists of bestsellers in the New York Times or even Amazon.

iBook is based on iCloud, where the downloaded books are stored. The books can be accessed from the iPad or any other gadget at any time. Several books can be opened at the same time, the font and text size modifications allow for the look of a book to be altered, pages are opened through flicks, books read full screen to avoid distractions and they can be read in different modes such as the night-time mode that is featured in black and white.

The iBook multi-touch feature allows users to access videos, audio and photo galleries. They can also watch animations and even rotate 3D objects using their fingers, not to mention seeing animations come to life. PDF files, business proposals, user guides and project plans are also featured in the iBook store. Highlighting, bookmarks and notes are accessible with pages being read or perused. The books can be shared over the social media platform and the textbooks featured are always up-to-date. There are many other free apps for use with your in your next business event.

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