Case studies of how companies use the iPad for their brand activation campaign. Read on to learn more!

The Red Dot Design Concept – The best Tablet Design Concepts of 2014 in the form of an iPad App

After a 6 month search for the best prototypes and design ideas, it has taken so much hard work and the ingenuity of studios, designers, institutions that conduct research and product businesses for the brand to unleash a Yearbook to represent the ideas in the form of an application running on iPads to allow for portability.

The app allows users to access the best concepts of the year, internet favorites like the ‘Sign language Ring,’ ‘Rainy Pot’, ‘Air Purifier Bike’, ‘dataSTICKIES’ and ivideos that were initially only available when the Museum of Red Dot Design in Singapore came to an end. The app provides for inspirations and insights.

The latest innovations, research and prototypes of design studios, designers, leaders as well as innovators can be accessed through this app.

Case Study of an iPad Promo in Wintersporters

The iPad promo was organized to help increase traffic while building the image of the company known as Wintersporters. The promo occurred through an iPad app and the participants were fighting to win a ski holiday for two with the Airness. Newsletters were accessible through the app and photos were taken during the event for download afterwards.

The event mainly targeted youngsters. The company realized an increase in traffic by 150% after making use of online contests, iPad applications and a contest for taking photos. More than 1100 people took part in the event contest with more than 500 opting into the list of email addresses.

Glenmorangie Digital Consumer Engagement by Iris in China

The company used the iPad to engage its consumers during the campaign due to its flexibility and power to address several goals and issues at the same time. With the gadget, the brand was able to stand out in an environment that was crowded and noisy, deliver a promotional experience of the brand consistently, create an unforgettable occasion for sampling the company’s products (malt whiskey in this case) and on-time delivery of the product being promoted.

Tiger Beer brand Activation by AMC Asia! In Singapore

The iPad was used to engage users during the event through brand personality communication, interactive activities and messages, showing interest in the product social media likes. It realized an increase in sales by 50% during the events.

Help Children Grow by OgilvyOne Worldwide in India

UNICEF used the iPad technology to communicate with its donors and ask for donations to help curb under nutrition in kids below the ages of 5. Donations were received from 361 existing donors with 27 of the committing to donate monthly, making the campaign a success.

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