Available in iOS 7, Guided Access allows for access only to particular applications a user has been granted access o. Users can set up their iPads so they can’t leave apps, but have full control of the app features they wish to access. As a result, there are several advantages of using Guided Access on an iPad for the benefit of the specific users.


The iPad is increasingly being used in the classroom for aiding learning. Guided Access allows teachers to ensure that their students only have access to the intended apps. They can also restrict app use to certain sections of the iPad screen. Whether the students are taking an exam through an iPad, reading a textbook or even using an app that is educational in nature, Guided Access can be used to restrict them from playing irrelevant games, browsing online or even trying to cheat on exams.


Parents can use the Guided Access feature on iPads to restrict and control what their kids can be able to do from their iOS devices.


Visitors can use the museum app available on the App Store to have a tour of the specific museum in question. The museums can also restrict what their users or visitors can access from the iPad given to them.


iPads are popular for use by businesses. Restaurants can deploy apps to take orders, and employers can use the restricted access feature to monitor their staff while they are away to ensure that they only use the iPad for the purpose it was solely bought or rented for.


Children or students with autism can gain more attention and focus through the use of Guided Access. For instance, they can use the Proloquo2go app without leaving the app open when done or leaving it while it is in use. Alternative methods of communication such as AC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication) are effectively used in problem areas with restriction of access.

Public Use

The Guided Access feature also allows the iPad to be used in a public place, for example in kiosk mode when you rent our iPads. Users can only use the app you want them to use, and cannot move onto irrelevant apps.

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