Tradeshows provide businesses with the platform to interact with their partners, consumers and even engage with their competitors, not to mention the opportunity to showcase and promote their products and services. However, with many like-minded businesses in attendance, it might not be easy to get the attention of the thousands in attendance. Fortunately, there are several ways for businesses in Singapore and across the world to stand out from their competitors at a trade show and be the talk of the event.

There are several retail kiosk applications in the market that can be used by businesses with the iPad at trade shows for them to be the show stoppers. The Griffin Kiosk provides businesses with a platform for securely installing their iPad at a public event and transforming it into an information center that is very interactive. With the Kiosk app, businesses can easily create a perfect experience for the many users visiting their stand or kiosk at the trade show.

The reason the iPad is a perfect tool for use in locations with high traffic and commercial in nature is its interface that is Multi-Touch and iOS architecture that is robust. With the Griffin Kiosk, businesses can easily access the iPad Multi-Touch display. It acts like a physical kiosk, giving businesses the control over what the kiosk visitors can do with the iPad. For instance, they can control access to the device’s Home button and the camera.

It comes with an app to help businesses control many kiosk installations through the many tools it features as a way of ensuring that the Griffin Kiosk is used as intended. Moreover, the kiosk comes ready to install and ensures that the iPad is secure and well protected. It is interactive, very engaging and can be managed from a remote location. At the trade fair, it can be used for advertising, an information hub or entertainment spot to attract the attention of visitors at the show.

All kiosks in a network can be identified by either a name or number, the home screen can be tailored to fit the business’ specific needs, idle times can be set so that the screen goes back to the home page ready for use or viewing by the next visitor, creation of web domains to control public use, creation of visible and easy to use custom bars for navigation purposes and receipt of email notification in case a kiosk is unplugged, being abused physically or has a low battery.

The best part is that the Griffin Kiosk does not just make the business stand out at the trade show, but it enjoys improved customer experience, increased customer base, gain efficiency through the use of apps that are diverse, and boosts job satisfaction.

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