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Planning your wedding in Singapore? Here are great ways of adding class, style and glam to your lifetime event using the iPad technology.

The Ultimate Wedding Planner

The ‘Ultimate Wedding Planner’ is an app that provides access to all the information found on the wedding website from an iPad. Checking off of wedding items, budgeting, update of wedding registries and sites as well as finding a perfect wedding gown can be achieved through the use of this app.

The Mindy Weiss App

This app help brides access affordable services of a celebrity wedding planner through the aficionado event that is known globally to work closely with Heidi Klum. The range of wedding tutorials and videos accessible through this app will see brides organize for celebrity weddings to remember for a very long time.

Seating Planner +

Figuring out a seating arrangement for guests at a wedding reception is quite challenging. With the Seating Planner + app, a perfect solution is just a click away. The app features rectangular, round and honoree tables onto which users can place their imported phone contacts. In order to find the right mix of seating arrangement, the app comes with a drag and drop feature that allow contacts to be dragged and dropped from one table to another until a perfect seating position for each potential guest is determined.

The Animoto App

Photography and videography are an integral part of weddings. The Animoto app allows for DIY photo and video shots as well as organization by family and friends attending the wedding. The photos and clips can be easily shared on social media. Apart from the affordability and lowering of budgets set aside for photos and videos, montage of photos taken during engagement parties can also be played at nuptials through this app.

The Wedding Happy App

With entry of a wedding date, this app develops a tailor-made list of things to do for a bride to work through. This can be accessed at any time from the app’s dashboard. The app is easy to install, simple to use and does not require any connection to a network. Vendor information and schedule can be sent to relevant parties through the ‘Export & Email’ feature. Integration of Twitter and Facebook is also a plus.

The Met Office Weather App

Every bride is concerned about the weather on their big day. The ‘Met Office Weather’ app provides forecasts over the next 5 days and is very reliable. It will come in handy when you are planning your wedding.

These are just a few wedding apps available on the market. Thousands more can be downloaded from the Apple app store to your iPad to help plan and organize your next wedding event.

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