There are several apps in the market designed to help businesses improve their productivity through iPad usage. Here are some great apps to consider for your next company conference.


Pages is an app developed by Apple that is 266MB in size. It is a word processor designed for use on the mobile platform. It is a beautiful and powerful tool for processing word documents by helping businesses create reports that are very gorgeous, documents as well as resumes in just a matter of minutes. The Pages app has been exclusively designed for use in iPhones, iPads and iPod touch mobile devices with Smart Zoom and Multi-Touch gesture support.


Numbers is an app developed by Apple that is 234 MB in size. It is an innovative app for spreadsheet designed for use on mobile platforms. Powerful spreadsheets can be created with a finger touch and it features Smart Zoom and gestures that are Multi-Touch for use on iPhones, iPad and iPod touch.

Numbers feature more than 30 templates designed by Apple for a beautiful yet easier start, more than 250 functions that are very powerful such as addition of text, charts as well as images. The iCloud feature allows for access of the created documents on the go. The app is easy to use, have beautiful spreadsheets, is data crunched and can allow information to be shared.

The SlideShark Presentation App

The SlideShark presentation app is developed by Brainshark Inc. and is 21.6MB in size SlideShark can be used with an iPhone, iPad or even an iPod touch to make presentations during conferences. It can integrate colors, fonts, animations, videos, graphics, and intact hyperlinks. The app is not just powerful, but has been proven to work.

The Keynote App

The Keynote is an app developed by Apple and is 466 MB in size. It was specifically designed for use with mobile platforms as a presentation tool that is very powerful. It can be used for world-class presentations during conferences that are made through the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, together with transitions and animated charts through tapping or touching that are very easy and simple.

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