Deploy apps in a business environment with iTunes

Certain of our clients need to install apps on their own when they receive our iPads, and sometimes for bigger apps such as PowerPoint, it can be way faster to bulk install apps onto multiple iPads using either Apple Configurator or using iTunes, which is a more universal option for most people. 

However, Apple has removed the app installation functionality in the latest iTunes update, which can really disrupt certain business users. According to Apple:

Apple offers Volume Purchase Programs and Apple Configurator on Mac to help enterprise environments manage and mass-deploy apps on iOS devices. But certain business partners might still need to use iTunes to install apps.

Fortunately, Apple as released a special version of iTunes which restores this removed functionality. To download it for your Mac or PC, visit

If you've already installed a newer version of iTunes, you can download this version of iTunes on your Mac, PC 32-bit or PC 64-bit* and run the installer. After installation is complete, you can continue to deploy apps with iTunes.

You won’t be prompted to download new versions of iTunes after you install this version. Manually update to the latest version of iTunes when you're ready to upgrade.

Infinite looping of videos using the iPad

Here we demonstrate using our iPad rentals to loop videos for branding and event purposes. The app we use is called LOOPYLOOPY, and is easily the most user friendly and stable app we've tested. 

As part of our iPad rentals in Singapore, we offer app and file pre-installations for a low fee. By passing your files in advance of your rentals, you eliminate any potential problems and save on a lot of time which you can use to focus on other aspects of your event and business.

Sponsorship at the 2014 Singapore MICE Forum

TouristPads was invited to sponsor iPads at the 2014 Singapore MICE Forum hosted by Singapore Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (SACEOS) held from 13 - 18 July 2014. TouristPads was approached as it is the leading iPad rental company in Singapore with the latest iPad models as well as the quantity to support such a big event. TouristPads even accommodated the last minute increase of iPads needed.

We are pleased to be part of this event which affirm our reputation as well as expanding our network within the MICE industry in Singapore. The sponsorship went really well and SACEOS presented us with a letter of appreciation.

Looking to rent iPads for your events? Visit TouristPads and send us your request and we will get back to your within 24 hours. All our iPads come with the Retina Display, to ensure the best user experience and view for your targeted audience. All our rentals also include 3G SIM card, with unlimited data usage.

Email us today at or call us at 97561234.

Letter of appreciation

Letter of appreciation

Helping out TOUCH Young Arrows Run & Raisin' 2014

Run & Raisin' 2014, is a charity run and carnival organised by TOUCH Young Arrows, a service of TOUCH Community Services, serving children aged 6-12 years old from low-income and/or single-parent families across 18 TYA clubs in Singapore. 

We got to hear about this event from a friend and she sought our help in sponsoring iPads for their recruitment drive on 5 - 6 April and 20 - 22 June at Marine Parade Central, TOUCH Centre and 112 Katong respectively. We are glad that we did.

The funds raised from the event went towards helping some 400 children who come from low-income and/or single-parent families overcome challenges in their lives.

We believe in giving back to society, just like how we received help and support from clients, media partners, reporters, bloggers, family and friends in this 2 year old startup. We are now the leading iPad rental company in Singapore, providing the best value on our rentals and great customer service.

It is our goal to continue to provide such value to all our partners, and will be looking forward to assist any charitable organisation who needs our iPads for their events.

In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’(NIV Acts 20:35)

Event Banner

Event Banner

Letter of Appreciation

Letter of Appreciation

Advantages of Using Guided Access on Your iPad Rental

Available in iOS 7, Guided Access allows for access only to particular applications a user has been granted access o. Users can set up their iPads so they can’t leave apps, but have full control of the app features they wish to access. As a result, there are several advantages of using Guided Access on an iPad for the benefit of the specific users.


The iPad is increasingly being used in the classroom for aiding learning. Guided Access allows teachers to ensure that their students only have access to the intended apps. They can also restrict app use to certain sections of the iPad screen. Whether the students are taking an exam through an iPad, reading a textbook or even using an app that is educational in nature, Guided Access can be used to restrict them from playing irrelevant games, browsing online or even trying to cheat on exams.


Parents can use the Guided Access feature on iPads to restrict and control what their kids can be able to do from their iOS devices.


Visitors can use the museum app available on the App Store to have a tour of the specific museum in question. The museums can also restrict what their users or visitors can access from the iPad given to them.


iPads are popular for use by businesses. Restaurants can deploy apps to take orders, and employers can use the restricted access feature to monitor their staff while they are away to ensure that they only use the iPad for the purpose it was solely bought or rented for.


Children or students with autism can gain more attention and focus through the use of Guided Access. For instance, they can use the Proloquo2go app without leaving the app open when done or leaving it while it is in use. Alternative methods of communication such as AC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication) are effectively used in problem areas with restriction of access.

Public Use

The Guided Access feature also allows the iPad to be used in a public place, for example in kiosk mode when you rent our iPads. Users can only use the app you want them to use, and cannot move onto irrelevant apps.

At TouristPads, we rent iPads in Singapore for use by businesses. We will deliver the iPads to the venues where they will be used and collect them afterwards. Contact us today for more information.

How to Stand Out from Your Competitors at a Tradeshow

How to Stand Out from Your Competitors at a Tradeshow


Tradeshows provide businesses with the platform to interact with their partners, consumers and even engage with their competitors, not to mention the opportunity to showcase and promote their products and services. However, with many like-minded businesses in attendance, it might not be easy to get the attention of the thousands in attendance. Fortunately, there are several ways for businesses in Singapore and across the world to stand out from their competitors at a trade show and be the talk of the event.

There are several retail kiosk applications in the market that can be used by businesses with the iPad at trade shows for them to be the show stoppers. The Griffin Kiosk provides businesses with a platform for securely installing their iPad at a public event and transforming it into an information center that is very interactive. With the Kiosk app, businesses can easily create a perfect experience for the many users visiting their stand or kiosk at the trade show.

The reason the iPad is a perfect tool for use in locations with high traffic and commercial in nature is its interface that is Multi-Touch and iOS architecture that is robust. With the Griffin Kiosk, businesses can easily access the iPad Multi-Touch display. It acts like a physical kiosk, giving businesses the control over what the kiosk visitors can do with the iPad. For instance, they can control access to the device’s Home button and the camera.

It comes with an app to help businesses control many kiosk installations through the many tools it features as a way of ensuring that the Griffin Kiosk is used as intended. Moreover, the kiosk comes ready to install and ensures that the iPad is secure and well protected. It is interactive, very engaging and can be managed from a remote location. At the trade fair, it can be used for advertising, an information hub or entertainment spot to attract the attention of visitors at the show.

All kiosks in a network can be identified by either a name or number, the home screen can be tailored to fit the business’ specific needs, idle times can be set so that the screen goes back to the home page ready for use or viewing by the next visitor, creation of web domains to control public use, creation of visible and easy to use custom bars for navigation purposes and receipt of email notification in case a kiosk is unplugged, being abused physically or has a low battery.

The best part is that the Griffin Kiosk does not just make the business stand out at the trade show, but it enjoys improved customer experience, increased customer base, gain efficiency through the use of apps that are diverse, and boosts job satisfaction.

At TouristPads in Singapore, businesses can rent iPads for use at their next trade show. We have the latest iPads in the market. For your iPad rental needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

Productivity Apps for Your Next Company Conference

Productivity Apps for Your Next Company Conference

There are several apps in the market designed to help businesses improve their productivity through iPad usage. Here are some great apps to consider for your next company conference.


Pages is an app developed by Apple that is 266MB in size. It is a word processor designed for use on the mobile platform. It is a beautiful and powerful tool for processing word documents by helping businesses create reports that are very gorgeous, documents as well as resumes in just a matter of minutes. The Pages app has been exclusively designed for use in iPhones, iPads and iPod touch mobile devices with Smart Zoom and Multi-Touch gesture support.


Numbers is an app developed by Apple that is 234 MB in size. It is an innovative app for spreadsheet designed for use on mobile platforms. Powerful spreadsheets can be created with a finger touch and it features Smart Zoom and gestures that are Multi-Touch for use on iPhones, iPad and iPod touch.

Numbers feature more than 30 templates designed by Apple for a beautiful yet easier start, more than 250 functions that are very powerful such as addition of text, charts as well as images. The iCloud feature allows for access of the created documents on the go. The app is easy to use, have beautiful spreadsheets, is data crunched and can allow information to be shared.

The SlideShark Presentation App

The SlideShark presentation app is developed by Brainshark Inc. and is 21.6MB in size SlideShark can be used with an iPhone, iPad or even an iPod touch to make presentations during conferences. It can integrate colors, fonts, animations, videos, graphics, and intact hyperlinks. The app is not just powerful, but has been proven to work.

The Keynote App

The Keynote is an app developed by Apple and is 466 MB in size. It was specifically designed for use with mobile platforms as a presentation tool that is very powerful. It can be used for world-class presentations during conferences that are made through the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, together with transitions and animated charts through tapping or touching that are very easy and simple.

TouristPads rents iPads for hire in Singapore for business conferences. It provides businesses with the latest technology in iPads to help them hold successful conferences. The iPad rental services include dropping and picking of the gadgets from the event venue or conference.

How the iPad can be Used for Your Next Wedding

How the iPad can be Used for Your Next Wedding

Image by photographer:

Image by photographer:

Planning your wedding in Singapore? Here are great ways of adding class, style and glam to your lifetime event using the iPad technology.

The Ultimate Wedding Planner

The ‘Ultimate Wedding Planner’ is an app that provides access to all the information found on the wedding website from an iPad. Checking off of wedding items, budgeting, update of wedding registries and sites as well as finding a perfect wedding gown can be achieved through the use of this app.

The Mindy Weiss App

This app help brides access affordable services of a celebrity wedding planner through the aficionado event that is known globally to work closely with Heidi Klum. The range of wedding tutorials and videos accessible through this app will see brides organize for celebrity weddings to remember for a very long time.

Seating Planner +

Figuring out a seating arrangement for guests at a wedding reception is quite challenging. With the Seating Planner + app, a perfect solution is just a click away. The app features rectangular, round and honoree tables onto which users can place their imported phone contacts. In order to find the right mix of seating arrangement, the app comes with a drag and drop feature that allow contacts to be dragged and dropped from one table to another until a perfect seating position for each potential guest is determined.

The Animoto App

Photography and videography are an integral part of weddings. The Animoto app allows for DIY photo and video shots as well as organization by family and friends attending the wedding. The photos and clips can be easily shared on social media. Apart from the affordability and lowering of budgets set aside for photos and videos, montage of photos taken during engagement parties can also be played at nuptials through this app.

The Wedding Happy App

With entry of a wedding date, this app develops a tailor-made list of things to do for a bride to work through. This can be accessed at any time from the app’s dashboard. The app is easy to install, simple to use and does not require any connection to a network. Vendor information and schedule can be sent to relevant parties through the ‘Export & Email’ feature. Integration of Twitter and Facebook is also a plus.

The Met Office Weather App

Every bride is concerned about the weather on their big day. The ‘Met Office Weather’ app provides forecasts over the next 5 days and is very reliable. It will come in handy when you are planning your wedding.

These are just a few wedding apps available on the market. Thousands more can be downloaded from the Apple app store to your iPad to help plan and organize your next wedding event.

At, you can rent iPads for your next wedding event. We provide iPad rental services all over Singapore. The iPads we rent out are the latest in the market. Contact us today and plan the wedding of your dreams!

Who Else Wants a More Successful Brand Activation Event?

Who Else Wants a More Successful Brand Activation Event?

Case studies of how companies use the iPad for their brand activation campaign. Read on to learn more!

The Red Dot Design Concept – The best Tablet Design Concepts of 2014 in the form of an iPad App

After a 6 month search for the best prototypes and design ideas, it has taken so much hard work and the ingenuity of studios, designers, institutions that conduct research and product businesses for the brand to unleash a Yearbook to represent the ideas in the form of an application running on iPads to allow for portability.

The app allows users to access the best concepts of the year, internet favorites like the ‘Sign language Ring,’ ‘Rainy Pot’, ‘Air Purifier Bike’, ‘dataSTICKIES’ and ivideos that were initially only available when the Museum of Red Dot Design in Singapore came to an end. The app provides for inspirations and insights.

The latest innovations, research and prototypes of design studios, designers, leaders as well as innovators can be accessed through this app.

Case Study of an iPad Promo in Wintersporters

The iPad promo was organized to help increase traffic while building the image of the company known as Wintersporters. The promo occurred through an iPad app and the participants were fighting to win a ski holiday for two with the Airness. Newsletters were accessible through the app and photos were taken during the event for download afterwards.

The event mainly targeted youngsters. The company realized an increase in traffic by 150% after making use of online contests, iPad applications and a contest for taking photos. More than 1100 people took part in the event contest with more than 500 opting into the list of email addresses.

Glenmorangie Digital Consumer Engagement by Iris in China

The company used the iPad to engage its consumers during the campaign due to its flexibility and power to address several goals and issues at the same time. With the gadget, the brand was able to stand out in an environment that was crowded and noisy, deliver a promotional experience of the brand consistently, create an unforgettable occasion for sampling the company’s products (malt whiskey in this case) and on-time delivery of the product being promoted.

Tiger Beer brand Activation by AMC Asia! In Singapore

The iPad was used to engage users during the event through brand personality communication, interactive activities and messages, showing interest in the product social media likes. It realized an increase in sales by 50% during the events.

Help Children Grow by OgilvyOne Worldwide in India

UNICEF used the iPad technology to communicate with its donors and ask for donations to help curb under nutrition in kids below the ages of 5. Donations were received from 361 existing donors with 27 of the committing to donate monthly, making the campaign a success.

We rent iPads to all businesses that might need the latest of these mobile devices in the market. iPad rental services are affordable and the company delivers the iPads to the event venue after which they collect them the event comes to an end. Contact us today for more information.

Free Apps for Your iPad for Your Next Business Event

Free Apps for Your iPad for Your Next Business Event

This app is free as well. The apps here are so good, you'll think they are custom made for your business.

This app is free as well. The apps here are so good, you'll think they are custom made for your business.

The iPad supports various business functions and processes through the many applications it supports. There are several applications, free and for sale, in the market that can be downloaded and installed on the iPad for use during business events such as meetings and conferences. There are many free iPad apps on the internet and app stores that businesses can easily download for use in an event.

The Chimpadeedoo app is developed by the Rocket Science Group LLC. It can be downloaded free of charge from the iTunes store or any other app store. The app allows for easy collection of email addresses from potential customers, after which they are exported to MailChimp. The app is 3.3MB in size and available in the English language. Furthermore, it is only designed for use with the iPad. Businesses can use the Chimpadeedoo app during business events to collect emails from the attendees.

For business presentation purposes, the SlideShark app is available for download free of charge. Developed by Brainshark Inc., SlideShark app allows for PowerPoint presentations to be accessed through iPads during business events. It is a powerful platform for sales that has been proven to provide businesses with an on-point solution for their sales or presentation problems. The app enables the iPad to be connected to a TV or projector for presentation purposes. PowerPoint files can be uploaded from any device and converted through this app on the iPad.

The SlideShark app is secure and only requires a single sign on. It is 21.6MB in size and only compatible with iOS 4.3 or later versions. It is the perfect solution for your next business presentation.

The iBook is another great iPad app for use in your next business event. It allows users to read from their best sellers despite their location. It can be downloaded from the device’s app store free of charge. The iBook features more than two million books with the majority available to users free of charge. It has a bookshelf feature where downloaded books are stored. On the iBook store, users can read book reviews, read a book sample, check out the lists of bestsellers in the New York Times or even Amazon.

iBook is based on iCloud, where the downloaded books are stored. The books can be accessed from the iPad or any other gadget at any time. Several books can be opened at the same time, the font and text size modifications allow for the look of a book to be altered, pages are opened through flicks, books read full screen to avoid distractions and they can be read in different modes such as the night-time mode that is featured in black and white.

The iBook multi-touch feature allows users to access videos, audio and photo galleries. They can also watch animations and even rotate 3D objects using their fingers, not to mention seeing animations come to life. PDF files, business proposals, user guides and project plans are also featured in the iBook store. Highlighting, bookmarks and notes are accessible with pages being read or perused. The books can be shared over the social media platform and the textbooks featured are always up-to-date. There are many other free apps for use with your in your next business event.

Touristpads is Singapore’s one-stop shop for all business iPad rental services. Contact us today and rent iPads with us, for your next business event.

Here is a Secret that is Helping a Company Get 10,000 Customers

Armin Ghazi had a business in North Carolina known as Monkey Joe’s Parties & Play. He opened a practice for email marketing and IT consultancy services after setting up an account with MailChimp for the business. It happened that the business was in Armin’s blood and it wasn’t long before he started providing consultancy services to a franchise in Nashville.

In order to grow their list, he suggested that they use the iPad Chimpadeedoo application about one year ago. Although they had been using the MailChimp app to engage with their customers, their Signup system was not good enough. Normally, it involved guests filling out dead-tree waivers for their kids who would be playing, at the check-in counter. At the end of the waivers, was space to enter email addresses.

Approximately, 40% to 50% filled out their email addresses, half of the collected addresses were entered into a spreadsheet and of the data in soft copy, about 25% to 50% had syntax and misspelling errors. It took at least a week to get guests into the system. Moreover, they were never told their email addresses would be used for marketing.

The Monkey Joe’s Parties & Play in Nashville purchased an iPad, set up a sign-up skin that is customized for their business, bought a Griffin stand as well as a Se-Kure security tether for use on the same platform. Later in mid 2011, they opened another branch in Nashville with an iPad running the Chimpadeedoo app. It eliminated the need for data entry in the business; this is one reason the staff love the app.

According to Armin, they love using their iPad app because it is more effective and reliable than their old system. And best of all, it is loved by all stakeholders. In December 2010, when Monkey Joe’s was first opened, the number of their customers approximated 250. With their new implementation of the iPad app, they set a goal to get 5,000 customers by mid 2011. Thanks to Chimpadeedoo, they realized their goal earlier, in April.

By September, they had 7,500 customers and hit 10,000 in December. According to Armin, inclusion of a coupon in every email campaign is the way to go as it improves business-client interaction. With the iPad app Chimpadeedoo, the Monkey Joe’s had been able to attain 10,000 customers subscribed to them in just a year.

As an industry leader in iPad rental services, TouristPad rents the latest iPads in Singapore. Whether you want to organize a meeting, conference or any kind of event, rent iPads with us. We drop and pick the gadgets to and from the events venue. Contact us today for more information.

The app is free, and we can preload it with customization for a cost effective way for your business to reach more customers at the NATAS Travel Fair, IT Show, or COMEX in Singapore.

How iPads are Used in Clinics and Hospitals to Empower Patients

How iPads are Used in Clinics and Hospitals to Empower Patients

Various companies in Singapore and the rest of the world have embraced the use of mobile devices in meeting business needs, setting the expectations of customers and ensuring that employees follow the rules and procedures in the workplace to the latter. Recently, there have been efforts to implement technology to improve health care outcomes and reduce costs.

It is crucial to define not just the kind of care a patient expects to receive, but also, what is entailed in the road ahead to recovery. Otherwise, the healthcare process dwindles to poor outcomes, high unwarranted variations, high costs, long stays in hospitals, dissatisfaction of both the patient and the health care provider as well as reduced predictability.

IPads can be used to develop or access interactive medical programs with detailed descriptions of clinical milestones, treatment plans, list of activities to engage in ‘To Do Lists’, educational materials, problem identification and generation of reports on a patient’s progress by the healthcare provider.

The Healthcare Problem

Just like any other practice, the reimbursed Medicare funds are usually much lower than the actual cost of care in cardiac surgery. The value of medical care is greatly affected by high unwarranted variations in the operating rooms, patient floors as well as the intensive care units.

The iPad Solution

A review of the technology-based iPad health care model indicates that the iPad program is robust, result-oriented and provides results that are predictable for many patients. Therefore, with results that are predictable, health care providers can set expectations for patients to enable them participate in the program and share critical information with them. As a result, the providers are forced to adhere to the program in order to attain the expected positive results.

With the use of the iPad, patients can access the following:

Strength Modules – this feature allows the provider to set the patient daily expectations such as the physical activities they are expected to engage in. For instance, the breathing exercises they should indulge in as well as walks and duration. Furthermore, the patients can access self-assessment tools through the iPad program to help them report mobility and pain to their provider or doctor.

Modular Educational Materials – patients have access to on time and relevant materials regarding their medical conditions, surgery, and expected daily care activities.

Plan of Stay – depending on a patient’s medical condition, surgery and status of their functional abilities before visiting the hospital, this feature can be tailored to meet the needs of individual patients. The plan feature includes daily ‘to do’ lists and clinical milestones for patients in accordance with their events for recovery and clinical status.

Planning of Recovery – the iPad app for Medicare also provides patients access to critical information on how they should care for themselves upon discharge from the hospital and may include activity, exercise and diet restrictions, caring for wounds, potential complications, follow-up appointments and even how to spot them. is a company that provides iPad rental services in Singapore. Whether you are looking for iPads for use in a business event or healthcare facility, rent iPads with us. Contact us today and we will deliver the iPads and pick them afterwards, when the event or iPad use comes to an end.

How to Use the iPad for Customer Surveys

SurveyMonkey, one of the companies in Google’s new growth-stage business investment fund Google Capital portfolio, has just launched a mobile app available for iPad that lets companies create surveys that they can use to evaluate customers’ experience at their businesses. The results can be monitored in real time, and responses can be collected from a number of options, including email, website feedback, and social media.

The SurveyMonkey app, released on Feb. 10, 2014, has been met with rave reviews, and customers appreciate the ability to create surveys on the fly and view the results in real time. The interface is cool, smooth, and very polished, with an intuitive feel that makes it quite easy to create a survey. More to this, users can collect opinions, feedback and use this to supplement customer research findings.

Results can be checked on the go, meaning you don’t have to go back to the office to check them out. Better yet, you can improve survey response rates on your iPad, thus significantly improving the quality of feedback provided.

Among the highlights of the app are the ability to use its powerful analytics tools to filter, compare and analyze data, choose from over 160 survey templates, and with the PRO feature, create surveys with unlimited questions, unlimited filters, add company logos to surveys, sample unlimited feedback, and get priority customer support. The app is free to download and use, with SurveyMonkey PRO available for $23.99 USD (monthly) and $199.99 USD (annually).

With the SurveyMonkey iPad app, organizations and customer service researchers will find it easy to send surveys while working out of the office, like when out for fieldwork. Collecting responses and analyzing them is faster, which aids better decision making. That ability to adjust to customer responses on the fly will fuel a smarter workforce, an aspect that will ultimately translate to better services and products for customers.

You can download the SurveyMonkey app directly to your iPad, and be one of the over 15 million people that make use of the app to make smarter decisions. Fortune 500 companies love it, and so will you. And with our affordable range of iPads and other devices, you can get started right away.

We have the latest iPad Air and iPad 4 available to you for rental, complete with world class service, security cases and accessories. We’ll even deliver and collect from your event location in Singapore, ensuring full convenience as you conduct smarter surveys.

How the iPad is Helping Top Photographers and Artists Show Their Work

Technology has changed the way things used to be done in the past. More people in Singapore are now finding the latest technology appropriate for making their work not only easier, but also for saving huge amounts of time. Photography is one of those categories that have undergone transformation in a big way with the release of the iPad. In the old days, people would have to call a cameraman to take photos or simply go to a photo booth. This was expensive and time consuming until the recent developments in technology. People can now use different gadgets like the smart phone, buy or rent iPads or the digital camera to take photos.

The iPad is one of the gadgets that technology introduced to try and make photography more interesting. The iPad can be used by photographers in Singapore and the rest of the world to show their portfolios to art buyers. This has seen the photographers receive a hearty reception from their clients. In the past, one would have to put all his collections in one printed portfolio with acetate sleeves. This would often lead to glare problems as someone would try and adjust their viewing angle, which was not only time wasting, but also inconvenient if many people wanted to view the portfolio at the same time. But with the introduction of the iPad, it’s easy to adjust the viewing angle as well as allow many people look at the portfolio simultaneously.

The other beauty about using the iPad to showcase photography or artwork is that the photos and art pieces can be reviewed before hand to ensure they are what you are intending to show your art or photo buyers. The shuttersnitch is one great application that allows wireless shooting into the iPad and it has an amazing way of organizing the shots, sharing them as well as rating them. The new Photosmith app allows you to review images you imported from other places and organize them into a single collection. The iPad rental services can help you to create a slideshow of photos you want to show your clients.

At, it is our specialty to rent iPads to our customers who find purchasing them expensive. We have the latest iPad air as well as the iPad 4 in the market. The iPads have a lot of features like a retina display, which is breathtaking for photographers, security cases, kiosks and accessories. All the rentals come with SIM cards, which have access to unlimited internet, charger cables and leather cases. We deliver to and from your premises at your convenience.

Contact us today at 9274 1349 to find out more.

Tips On Using The iPad For Email Marketing

email marketing.png

Communication has evolved over the years and so has the way people in Singapore market their products and services. Marketing has changed with technology compared to the old times when one would have to place an ad on newspapers or directly market their products from door to door. The costs involved with this kind of marketing were simply outrageous.

If you had an urgent message to send to a marketing branch miles away, you had to use a fax machine or simply send a letter that took days to reach the receiver. But all this changed with the introduction of the internet which made things much easier. Email was one of the blessings that came with the internet. It allowed one to engage with someone miles away as well as send messages in a matter of seconds.

Email marketing in Singapore was also born in the process. This kind of advertising is not only less intrusive compared to television ads, but it’s also less expensive. Email marketing requires you to collect potential clients' email addresses. For a more targeted approach you can also collect the demographic details in the process of collecting the email addresses. The demographic information can help you schedule email campaigns based on the available data such as age, gender or location. This form of marketing is more efficient as it’s more focused on individuals rather than a mass. This way you know that the right message has reached the right people.

The iPad can be used for email marketing in a number of ways. Because purchasing these gadgets can be quite expensive, there are iPad rental companies in Singapore and other countries across the world. One of the ways is by using the Chimpadeedoo application which collects email addresses from various sources and keeps them on the iPad locally, even when it is offline. When the gadget gets back online, the app pushes the email addresses collected to the list in Mailchimp if one exists. You can customize the background with your favorite themes and even pick your own fonts.

Group email is one of the best email marketing applications and it comes with many features. It helps you manage and read your emails on the iPad. It comes with a user interface, distribution list creation option, syncing mails, sending professional emails to groups and many other features.

At Touristpads, we rent iPads for email marketing and other different events your company may be having in Singapore. We provide you with the latest iPad 4 and iPad air which comes with a retina display, security cases and accessories to make your email marketing much easier. At Touristpads, we deliver to and collect from your company at your convenience.

Please call us today at 9274 1349 and find out more about our services.

How to Use the iPad for Conferences and Meetings

Technology has taken the world by storm and changed the manner in which we do things and interact with family and friends. Businesses in Singapore have not been left behind either with the mobile technology driving it in terms of growth and business processes. The iPad has changed a lot in businesses; not just how they conduct and hold events, but also conferences and meetings. 

The business world has adopted the use of iPads to run various business functions. As a result of the high cost of this mobile device, many companies have sprung up to provide iPad rental services for ease of access to this platform. The iPad comes with various features that allow businesses to easily hold meetings and conferences. 

With the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Singapore that is dedicated to providing business with access to modern state-of-the-art facilities for events, conferences and meetings, companies have no reason not to take advantage of the many features and benefits that come with renting iPads for such events such as improved engagement and interactivity between the companies, customers and guests.

During meetings, delegates can interact through social media platforms on the iPad like Facebook or the Facetime app. Company videos, maps to locations of meeting rooms and venues can all be accessed by the delegates through the Podium Timer HD or Dropbox and Maps applications, respectively. The guests or delegates can also remotely attend meetings through the iPad as avatars. 

Businesses can receive real time feedback from attending delegates using iPad apps such as the browser-based Pegionhole, genie-Connect and Crystal interactive that use Q&A to get feedback, in addition to allowing for voting and brainstorming sessions during meetings. The Crystal interactive app also has a digital assistant feature that enables businesses to provide the meeting agenda and even access the profiles of attending delegates, not to mention the spaces they occupy in the meeting sessions. 

Gamification of conferences through the iPad puzzles and games do not just allow for fun times during conferences or meetings, but also enable the delegates to learn more about the hosting company or business. The Evernote app and iPad camera allow for capturing of notes during meetings or conferences for future reference. 

The keynote app allows for presentations while with the Soundnote app, delegates can record talks during meetings into an audio file. Skype, Tweetbot and Mind Mapping apps, among others, are a favorite for many businesses and delegates. Irrespective of the kind of meeting or conference and its agenda, businesses that rent iPads are guaranteed improved mobility, increased productivity, effective and prompt communication and reduced costs as well as time spent during the conferences and meetings.

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Using the iPad for Education

Technology is continuously improving and evolving. It has really impacted how things are done including how students are now learning. The rapid and constant pace of change in technology has continued to create opportunities in classrooms for both teachers and students. The iPad became so popular in Singapore schools soon after it was released.

The students can now have a great access to multimedia content unlike in the past. Courses are now more available as one can join an e-learning platform. The iPad has become a favourite due to its inbuilt apps and features. Most schools have incorporated it in their courses to help the students thrive in the 21st century. Although these gadgets are expensive, many companies rent iPads to schools and businesses in need of them.

The iPad comes with a document camera with the stage interactive whiteboard that helps the student record what the teacher says in a simple manner. If you have to review any academic topic that you aim to give to your students, you can easily use the Quizlet app which is a free application. It allows the teacher to create flashcards for his students. An optional teacher account is also available with this application. The teacher can also use visuals on his projected iPad. The visuals can be used for presentation purposes.

iPads also come with interactive textbooks which the students can easily access. The teachers who have a difficult time choosing people to get the projects done, can use apps on the iPad which make the work easier by choosing names randomly and ensuring a balance. The iPad may also be used by students with disabilities as it has features that they can easily use. Some schools allow the students to carry the iPads home with no restrictions.

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There are a myriad of benefits that result from renting. They include saving time and money, you can screen cast easily and most of all have a peace of mind as the iPad comes with a security lock. Contact us today at 9274 1349 today to find out more.

How to Use an iPad for Your Next Business Event

Technology has continued to evolve over the years and touches almost every aspect of our everyday lives. Thanks to the World Wide Web, information is easily available. But despite the way technology has influenced our personal lives, the Singapore business world has also revolutionized beyond what was expected in the past few decades. The advancement in Communication and information technology has entirely changed the pace and the face of businesses generally. As information now travels faster, the world now seems smaller and this has large implications on how we go about conducting business. If any business as of now has not embraced technology then it might suffer immense consequences and most of all lag behind.

Technology has not just modified how companies do business, but also how they plan and hold their events with the invention of the iPad. The use of this device has taken businesses a notch higher to a whole new level of doing business and has become one of the serious tools for conducting business. Analysts now say that the sale of tablets will overtake that of laptops and PC’s. Because this gadget is expensive and might not be affordable to some businesses, iPad rental services are accessible in Singapore and other parts of the globe. The iPad comes with different features and business applications that helps make business events a real success.

iPads feature a long battery life, compact design and lightweight style, sleek profile, touch screen, a built-in Wi-Fi connection, built in speakers, razor sharp display and an intuitive interface, in addition to a range of business applications. The iPad can be used in a business event in various ways. It can engage prospective customers, business employees and guests at an event through sales presentations, training of employees, and strategic planning of the event or demonstration of a new product the company is introducing. Companies can access their CRM system or even send out copious notes through the use of this gadget.

The device can also be used to market the company during such events. One can easily gather email addresses with an application called the ‘Chimpadeedoo’ and send out promotional information. Making presentations has been made easier through the use of the keynote application which is the equivalent of PowerPoint. You can easily create, open or edit a file in your iPad using this app and save it on email for future reference. Customer service can also be easily done using an iPad. This is because one can collect information about their customers and communicate with them anytime. There are simply numerous ways to integrate the iPad into your business, given the dozens of applications readily available. Why not rent an iPad for your next business event?

At the check-in table, a range of iPads can be used to showcase the business’s milestones worth noting. The PopBooth app can be used to allow for an interactive experience during the event with guests sharing photos through the social media platforms using the ‘party mode’ menu or even order for the traditional printed photos without having to lose them; the iPad is passed around amongst guests to enable this. The password protected UStream and Face Time can allow those not in attendances to follow the event from wherever they are across the globe through the internet. A social media lounge can also be set up through the iPad and guests allowed to leave video messages through the 'Thrilled for You' app designed for digital signage.

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